Annual Review 2020

Could we be seeing the end of the concept of different boys' sports and girls' sports?
That’s an intriguing question posed by the Laureus Sport for Good Review, out now, which monitored the activities of more than 270,000 young people in over 250 community sports programmes supported by Laureus all over the world in 2020.
The trend is significantly stronger in many sports often seen as male-dominated, where girls in these targeted Sport for Development programmes are challenging the norm and overcoming the more established pattern of girls dropping out of sport as they reach adolescence.
Participation levels of females in Laureus Sport for Good programmes are currently 47.8%, a much better ratio than the levels in sport as a whole.
Annual Review | Laureus
Watch how boxing empowers young women and girls in Kenya. 
Laureus Sport for Good has used sport to improve the lives of over 6 million young people and children in its 20 years of existence.
In 2020 alone:

Traditionally there is a substantial drop in sporting engagement when girls hit adolescence. One of the crucial factors to counter this trend is to adapt the way sport is delivered. It is not about choosing ‘sports that girls like’, but delivering sport in a way that makes it relevant and responsive. These figures show that they respond.

Edwin Moses, Chairman of Laureus Sport for Good
Laureus Sport for Good Annual Review 2020
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